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Intelligence Brief

Welcome to Tally Ho Chap.

G’day, my name is Dave and I am the creator of Tally Ho Chap.

As a young Chap, I loved to obsessively read anything to do with the Military and the History around it. Part of that experiential education was the weekly visit to the local bookstore to spend my hard-earned pocket money and buy a War Comic. That weekly reading taught me the Geography of distant battlefields; the Science of how weapons operate; the Maths of analysing battle data; the Language Skills in pronouncing the foreign tongues in my stories and so on. Most importantly, the heroic characters from those bite-size stories helped inspire and resolve me in my own personal battles to come.


I am now a ‘Young at Heart’ Chap and work as a High School Teacher. In my spare time, I saw the need to maintain the tradition of the culture around a Military Bookstore and so naively took a risk and developed this concept. The goal is two-fold: developing a Community and expanding a Business.


The development of Community is the storytelling and sharing of ideas, personal history, or values. This occurs online at the Tally Ho Chap website in your contribution at the ‘Member’s War Room’ or Blogging at ‘Collector's Corner’ or engaging in connected social network sites (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, or now Pinterest... Phew!). Personally, I find the offline connection, when I listen and interact in the rich conversations of fellow Chaps visiting the store, to be most rewarding. Your contribution is part of that journey and we welcome you to the Community, whether you are a young Chap or a ‘young at heart’ Chap.

Business expansion is the sharp learning curve that is my personal experience of entering into this exciting but demanding area of online retail. Learning from my errors... exploring and creating new ideas... these are some of the neat things that motivate me out of bed early in the morning or staying up late at night. Expansion may be slow, but it's a rewarding journey every step going forward.

So who are we...

  • We are a Brisbane-based store established in 2018, specialising in Military Literature, Modelling, and Wargaming.

  • Visit our store by booking a Special VIC Service 

  • We have over 50,000 items in stock, across a diverse range of Military Comic, Magazine, Book, and Model Collections, with new reinforcements added weekly. Order items online 24 hours.

  • We offer an exchange program, where you are able to receive a 50% store credit of the purchase price of the item, upon return of the item in good condition. Proof of purchase must be shown and some product exclusions will apply.

  • Postage and Pick-Up details can be located on the Supply Lines link in the menu.

  • We also buy Military Comics, Books, Magazines, and Models. Please contact us if you are looking to sell items or collections.

  • Feel free to contact us in regards to starting or adding to your own Military Collections.

  • Like us on Facebook ... Follow us on Instagram and Tumblr... Subscribe to us on Youtube...Pin us on Pinterest and most importantly contribute your story with us. We want to hear.

  • Consign your Books with us at Brisbane Book Auctions with Rare and Unique Book Auctions held Fortnightly

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